Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tips for Self-development

In a short column "Getting to Done", written by Keith Robinson gives some advice of self development. As I read through the points he made, it occurred to me they are good personal-development tips, useful for just about any kind of situation.

Choose to change
Glenda Cloud says, “Change is inevitable, growth is intentional.” We prefer the comfort of where we are to the perceived risk in change. However, if we want to grow, we have to choose to change.

Work harder and smarter
As an employee it can be easy to show up, do what you’re told, then go home. While that is the easy approach, there is a lot of reward in being an extra-mile worker.

Don’t make excuses
Take responsibility for things that go wrong. It puts you in a position to change or correct them.

Master your time
Work smarter; get organized; manage your time and priorities; focus on what matters; plan.

Get out of your comfort zone
This goes along with choose to change. Learn new things. Develop new skills. Learn from the past and use it as a stepping stone to new experiences.

This is good advice for any kind of relationship. Go out of your way to make sure people understand what you are saying.

Lead by example
Just because you communicate well doesn’t mean the message is always accepted. It’s easier to motivate and encourage by actions than by words.

Embrace risks
Don’t worry about failing or making mistakes. It happens to everyone. If you’re not risking anything, you’re probably not accomplishing much.

Be flexible
With your time, with your attitude, with your support, with everything except your principles.

Own it!
Be confident. Make decisions and stick to them. Own up to your mistakes.

Don’t settle for average
Always work to your very best. Hold yourself to a higher standard. No one goes far by just doing the minimum.

Stick up for your passions
You will always encounter people who try to boost themselves up by pulling you down. Ignore them! Your mind will question your actions or decisions. Ignore it! Is there something that you are passionate about? Listen to that!


  1. It will be very helpful for Me...............Thnx alot

  2. Its really encouraging for those who wna hav a accomplish new things life yet hesitate to take risk n come out of the Comfort zone.

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