Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Stay behind your ego

No one can objectively define what the difference between a Self and an Ego is. A division line never can be drawn between an Ego and a Self. The terms used as Id, Ego and Super Ego are the names of the different conditions of a same thing to which we call as ‘Self’.  It is the word, which is used to denote our existence or beingness. In its very beginning the Id, the Self or the Ego exist in an state of unconsciousness where there is nothing than a display without perception, a listening without knowledge, and a feeling without understanding.

The core reason of our happiness depends up the fulfillment of our desires. On the contrary, in a simple way we feel bothered when some thing happens against our desires or will. So the most effective thing is to detach our ego from our desires. It means there should be a choice of carelessness or detachment in the case if a particular desire or need is not going to be fulfilled. A human being is virtually linked with this universe through his ego. Wherever or whenever the ego is attached with things, the human being is connected with the problems of world. The moment ego detaches itself from its belongings and desires; it experiences to be in a tension free tranquiller zone.

The detachment of ego form the happenings of life is a great art to be learned to live in tranquility. It is the same thing as to stay behind the ego to which the title of this article stands for. When a self doesn’t supports a desire it goes free from all effects. All the great personalities trained themselves to stay behind the ego, or else they cannot remain as normal men even after great failures. Big politicians, often face defeat in elections. It never leads them towards disaster. They remain alive like a normal man even if the whole country knows that they are defeated. Big players, film artists often face big failures but they continue normal because they know to stay behind their ego.

Never take a failure up on your ego. Hand it over to your luck. Even after great precautions and planning things can happen contrary to it. There is no guaranty for perfectness. What can the mankind do when he is deprived of sex, or love, or wealth or prestige or health?  What can the mankind do when he suffers from a trauma or disaster? What will he do when all others are blaming things up on him? What will he do when his child is kidnapped and murdered? His wife fled away with a young man. His daughter left his house without his permission. These are the situation where the priority should be given to save ourselves from becoming mad. The next priority should go to handle the situation.

The contents were provided by Dr. Equbal Wajid to upload on blog. 

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